Spiky Sweet

…forever guarded with sharp words and fearful retreats…


I have often pondered the interesting paradox of the rose. On the end is a beautiful flower of soft petals with one of the sweetest scents on earth. However, the stalk is protected by spiky prickles ready to poke a curious hand.

In many ways, this describes my relationship with the world. My heart is soft and eager to love; but I am forever guarded with sharp words and fearful retreats. On every turn as I aspire to reveal my true self, I hesitate and withdraw behind my walls. Sadly, each missed opportunity to be vulnerable results in more loneliness.

On the days, when I can be myself —honest and true— I can find union with God and others. In those moments, freedom is my course and warmth is my cloak. The painful pricks of my own thorns become a distant thought as I breathe in the sweet scent of God's Love.

Author: tranquilitypool

An average person in search of tranquility.

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