Soul Pool

…the condition of my soul pool changes with my emotions…


A few years ago I was given the gift of a beautiful analogy. I had been watching a documentary on caves which included some amazing footage of underground pools. I could not get the strong imagery out of my thoughts. As my mind’s eye kept peering into the crystal clear blue pools of the caves, I began to imagine my soul as one of those pools. Deep within the cave of my body, I can visualize a pool of spiritual fluid: my soul.

The condition of my soul pool changes with my emotions.

When I am angry, I feel as if the water in my soul pool is boiling. At times, I become as if my pool is full of lava rather than spiritual liquid.

When I am become sad or depressed, the pool of my soul clouds over making it difficult to navigate my emotions.

When I am dishonest, my pool becomes shallow. The beauty of the deep sweet waters is gone until all I find are the harsh jagged rocks of the bottom surface.

When I violate my principles and engage in something hurtful or shameful, the pool becomes thick and infected like a collection of pus. The stench rises up and becomes unbearable.

When I allow others to control my emotions, I imagine someone throwing rocks or pouring urine into my pool and disrupting the clean stillness within.

On my own, I cannot control all my actions and reactions. However, there is One who can maintain the condition of my soul. In the moments when I give my soul to God, He keeps it in a serene state. When I take back control of my will and life, I begin to experience the turmoils of daily living.

Today, my pool is calm, cool, and clean.

Author: tranquilitypool

An average person in search of tranquility.

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