Spiritual Habits

…I have been asking God to help me cultivate new spiritual traditions…


Traditions are deep-rooted elements of human culture. Scattered across the planet, each society — down to its smallest component — has unique traditions that separate it from all others.

I am no different. Traditional beliefs and actions define me as a person. Each one of those “traditions” is a habit that I fall back upon again and again. Some of my habits are benign such as the strange way I store my toothbrush after each use. Other habits are potentially positive like my stubborn habit of kissing my teenagers goodnight. Other habits I wish I could drop but they seem to stick to me like another layer of skin.

Recently, I have been asking God to help me cultivate new spiritual traditions that would bring me closer to Him and make me more useful to others. My favorite of these new patterns is my morning surrender. Before the sun breaks free of the horizon, I submit myself to God’s Will and ask Him to direct me to do His work. I also ask Him to turn off my brain long enough for my soul to become available for Him to make whatever changes He needs so I can become His tool.

I pray that one day these spiritual traditions will become more than just a few minutes each morning of trying to find God. Perhaps a time will come when I will be a changed man who is known as traditionally spiritual.



Author: tranquilitypool

An average person in search of tranquility.

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