Fragrant Souls

…searching for the scent of my soul…


If a person’s soul had a scent, what fragrance would mine have?

I believe that each season of my life would have a different aroma.

When I was a young, innocent child, I imagine my soul with a clean scent like fresh linen.

In my troubled teenage years, incompatible smells of longing, fear, loneliness, hope, friendship, and discord may have generated a foul stench not unlike food spoiling in the trash.

My college years were full of anger, guilt, shame, and remorse coming together like fire and smoke burning nearby hearts and noses.

The sweet smell of roses and the sharp prick of thorns marked the early years of marriage as I demanded love and tried to learn how to give it.

Parenthood brought responsibility and action as I finally woke up to smell morning coffee and traffic exhaust fumes on the daily commute.

Watching the children grow up and learning how to listen to others, the next season often smells like a fresh salad and something inviting on the grill.

As I am learning to surrender myself to God and give love without need for anything in return, I am finding that the most wonderful fragrance of all is not the one given off by my soul but the warm loving scent of heavenly love, like lakes of milk and honey, fields of aromatic flowers, musky forests of protection, spicy cinnamon of support, warm forgiving summer rains, and cool renewing springs bubbling forth clear blue waters. The fragrance I have come to love is that of God and the other souls whose path I am fortunate to cross.

I take a deep breath and smile from my heart.

Author: tranquilitypool

An average person in search of tranquility.

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