Spiritual Harmony

…my soul harmonizing with God and others…


The word harmony brings to mind my obsession a few years ago with Aikido, a Japanese martial art often translated as “the way of harmonious spirit”.

This was the first time I had heard the term “harmony” used in something other than music. Somehow I had not grasped the true meaning of the word until then. As I began exploring the concept, I came to understand that harmony is more than just a convergence of notes or a coming together of unrelated items.

Today, I imagine my soul harmonizing with God and others. In the quiet still of the morning as my soul begins to find stillness, it reaches out. Somewhere my soul begins to connect with the Power of the Universe. In those moments, I find union with God, and that leads to a sense of connectedness with others. Amazingly I can sense all the souls of the vast expanse. Some are close; others barely detectable; but they are there, not as physical beings, but as discrete portions of energy in a immeasurable pool of light.

Writing about it now seems so odd. How can I possibly describe the sensation of my brief harmonious encounters with infinite precious souls as they extend from the Source. I don’t know if the experience is real or imagined. More importantly, I don’t care. It’s real enough for me to enjoy the bliss of surrendering my soul back to God. May I find you when I travel there next.

Author: tranquilitypool

An average person in search of tranquility.

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