When I decided to start sharing my daily attempts at surrender on this venue, I had thought I would make a concerted effort to write something everyday. Initially, my posts were succinct and vague. With time, the ideas began maturing into longer and longer shares. Then I had the thought to add some of my photos. Suddenly I found myself trying desperately to live up to the new standard I had established. Alas, I am perfectly imperfect thus failing to meet any and all artificial goals I had created.

Here I am writing again today with a hopes to accept my own humanity. I am beautifully flawed as God intended. Like the tides, my efforts with rise and fall. With His Loving Support, I may be able to release the shakles of the demands I set on myself and just be as He would have me be today. I vision myself lying back onto the sandy beach and allowing myself to be lifted and lulled by the unpredictable waves of God’s tides. May He allow me to savor the moment of peace.


Author: tranquilitypool

An average person in search of tranquility.

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