Many days I drag myself through the daily grind counting the minutes until the misery is over. Some days are worse than others. I recall one day in particular during which my value had come into question. I was summoned to a meeting with 12 individuals to hear the case against me. In hindsight I see that this was not unlike a trial with a jury of my peers. I sat and listened to several of them voice their concerns as if I were not present. A couple of them presented arguments in my favor citing my personality and good intentions as reasons why my failures should be forgiven. In the end, the group decided it was best to allow me to stay, but they would act as if I were not contributing to the joint cause. Walking to my car, I remember feeling as if I were pulling several-ton weights on my ankles. I could not change the past, and I was powerless over the perceptions about me. 

Today, I can look back at that day and smile. I was blessed with many opportunities to make amends to those peers and am friends with almost all of them to this day. As painful as that experience was, I believe that God used that difficulty to show me several of my shortcomings and help me acknowledge the errors in my choices and actions. As always, God lifts me up from hardship and carries me on the winds of change. I spread my wings and soar in the open sky of forgiveness and growth. May God bless the path ahead as He as blessed the path behind me.


Author: tranquilitypool

An average person in search of tranquility.

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