I can hear the rooster crowing inviting everyone to celebrate the new day. In the peaceful quiet of the morning, I search for some calm in my noisy soul. Can I pause long enough to hear God? My body twitches, my hands shake, and my mind wanders. I’m so used to moving at lightning speed throughout the day until I pass out, that I am not able to sit still. The internal tug-of-war is heightened. Maybe I should turn on some music? No! Maybe a funny video to distract me? No! Maybe I can read a novel? No! Maybe I can make a few phone calls to see if anyone else is awake? No! Maybe I can listen to an audiobook? No! Maybe I should wake up my family and invite them down for breakfast? No! Maybe I can read the news? No! Maybe I can beat the next level on the game I’ve been playing? No! Perhaps I can just sit here and listen. Yes! God, I am here. I set aside my restlessness and am ready to receive any message You have for me this morning. Grant me the serenity to stay here long enough to receive Your Message and not scurry away too soon. Your Will, not mine, be done.


Author: tranquilitypool

An average person in search of tranquility.

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