My sticky soul often clings to every possession and experience that comes my way. I pass through this world like a thief rather than an observer. I envision my role on this planet as being like that of the window shopper. As I move through my day, I have the opportunity to see and appreciate God’s world. Unfortunately, this is not how I react on many days. Most days, I break through the storefront windows and try to take everything I possibly can. Clinging to everything like a thin cotton sheet being pulled across a cactus, my soul is torn to shreds. To my amazement, the more I grope at the world, the less I seem to have. With each attempt to wrest happiness and satisfaction from this world, the deeper my spiritual poverty becomes. Today, I ask God to show me how to loosen my grip and turn my palms open and upward to Him that I may learn more to receive and appreciate than demand and desire. I can already feel His Grace start to fall upon my open soul.


Author: tranquilitypool

An average person in search of tranquility.

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