I often see myself as a traveler passing through this life to another existence. The journey seems long and tiring, but in reality is fleeting. Most days I feel as though I am racing to the other side with an expectation of some great experience that will grant me eternal happiness. With few moments of rest, I work hard to ensure that the eventless moments pass quickly to protect me from one of my greatest enemies: boredom. Sadly, reflecting now I question this approach. What if life is not meant to be squandered in an endless pursuit to pass the time and get out? What if life is actually best experienced in those quiet moments that I try so hard to avoid? Sitting here just before the sun rises above the horizon, I allow myself to lay calmly in the pool of peace that is often so rare in my world. Oddly, I cannot determine why I work so hard to avoid moments like these. I imagine God looking upon me approvingly. I am pleased with Him and pray He is pleased with me. At this moment, I am blessed with boredom…


Author: tranquilitypool

An average person in search of tranquility.

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