Like a greyhound chasing metal rabbit, I am contantly running as fast as my tired soul can carry me. I’m always trying to reach the end of the rainbow hoping to find some new possessions that will satisfy my unnatural hunger for the universe. Yet, much to my dismay, I can never catch that magical rabbit: a symbol of peace, happiness, and satisfaction. If only _____________, I would no longer crave the world around me. The objective of my chase (fill in the blank above) changes almost daily. Every time I am fortunate to catch what I desire, the hunger only increases and the focus of my longing shifts to another objective. On a good day, I turn my attention to God and take a break from the frantic seeking. For in my relationship with Him, I find satisfaction and contentment. How fortunate I am to taste those moments of serenity that come when I am willing to stop running in the wrong direction and simply turn my soul toward the Light of God.


Author: tranquilitypool

An average person in search of tranquility.

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